Queen of the Border Ballad.

—- John Nova Lomax, Houston Chronicle
At Jovitas, Austin, Tx with Steve Carter(Stop The Truck), Max Baca (Texmaniacs), Bianca, Michael Guerra (Raul Malo)

At Jovitas, Austin, Tx with Steve Carter (Stop The Truck), Max Baca (Texmaniacs), Bianca, Michael Guerra (Raul Malo)

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Love, Guns & Money
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Bianca is recording her new CD, “That Vintage ’67 Cadillac”.

Bianca has also been busy finishing her new book,
working title, “Wild Ride”. Here’s a little bit about it:
Bianca’s new book-in-progress, “Wild Ride”;

Born in South Texas, Bianca DeLeon is combination of an American Gypsy, Texas Troubador and Singer-Songwriter. She has lived the life that she writes about, and has worn many hats in places in the World along her journey of musical discovery and poetry. In all of her CD’s, she features the best musicians that Austin, Texas has to offer and continues to grow in her craft. Her fourth album features a photo of her standing in front of a Dutch club’s chalkboard that reads de Texaanse Troubadour Bianca DeLeon.

That’s because she’s much better known in Europe than in Texas. DeLeon is rooted in and lives in two different worlds, the Texas-Mexico borderlands in which she was born and raised, and which, in my experience, few Anglos seem to be able to write about convincingly, and the national and international singer-songwriter venue circuit. She’s a bit different from your average troubadour. How many of them could write “I Sang Patsy Cline (The Night Noriega Fell)”, or “Date Got Shot”?

Bianca’s Fourth CD, “Love, Guns and Money”, features backing by guitar great John Inmon, Radoslav Lorkovic on piano, B3 and accordion, The East Side Flash’s resophonic guitar, David Carroll’s upright bass and Paul Pearcy’s drums and percussion. Her Texas “Border Ballads” speak of the human condition voiced in her gypsy wisdom. It’s a rare and unique experience.

Her previous three CDs have had strong showings on EuroAmericana radio charts.

Bianca’s music has appeared in movies and a video game in addition to her four CDs. She play locally in Austin, Texas and tours Worldwide.