Bianca De Leon is an Austin, TX based singer/songwriter dubbed “Queen of the border ballad” by John Nova Lomax, and “A voice from Texas that does it right,” by Guy Clark.

She has been touring Europe (Germany, Holland, Finland, Belgium, Scotland, England, Italy) since 2001. Bianca has had 4 EU releases and a worldwide release, “Love, Guns & Money.”

She was invited to perform at Berklee College of Music in 2015 in the round with Eliza Gilkyson, and Betty Soo. Upcoming tours of the Midwest and Europe are slated for 2017. She has a sultry and mysterious voice that complements her writing and she is an accomplished guitar player, utilizing both finger picking and flat picking.

Song Samples

Latest Videos

I Sang Patsy Cline (The Night Noriega Fell)
Don’t You Hate It When Your Date Gets Shot


"To write it, you’ve got to live it."

-- Bianca DeLeon

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