The Lomax on Lomax ShowTexas Music Museum presents The Lomax on Lomax Show, a preview of John Lomax III’s debut album, “American Folk Songs”. With special guest, Bianca De Leon.

John Lomax III celebrated his 54 continuous year in the music industry by becoming a performer and creating
THE LOMAX ON LOMAX SHOW. This solo, acapella event presents songs, stories and images based on his family’s work finding, recording, preserving, and presenting unique American music and musicians over 114 years and four generations.
Lomax is also completing his debut album, AMERICAN FOLK SONGS, set for release on his 80th birthday, August 20.
Since 1970, Lomax has worked as an artist manager, journalist, label exec and, from 1996, international music distributor.
He is a CMA Award winner, earning the Jo Walker Meador International Achievement Award in 2010.
The Lomax family has a long Austin history, dating from 1906 with at least 7 members attending and/or graduating from UT.

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Texas Music Museum
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