BIANCA DE LEON – Dangerous Endeavor

Townes Van Zandt’s “White Freightliner Blues” in a minor key makes perfect sense when performed by Bianca De Leon, once Townes’ close confidant, now carrying on his tradition of mixing the darkness and the light in her songs of love and loss, innocence and experience, with the emphasis now firmly on experience.

A world-weary cover of Hank Williams’ “I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow” marks the other boundary of Bianca’s territory, conveying strength and resolution along with the resignation of hard fought experience. In between, her latest songs continue to weave the threads of the stories her followers have come to love over the years: solid songwriting and a voice that gets better with age – and experience.

As a young girl in south Texas, De Leon learned to smuggle tequila across the border under her petticoats, and she became familiar with cantina life, with desperadoes and secrets oscuros. She left school and was drawn to the road, hopping freight trains, living everywhere from Santa Cruz to Sonora, from Nashville to Bogota. Dark, quiet, and ever observant, she was already fashioning her life into the substance of here art, singing of love and loss on the borderlands of love and loss, of adventure and romance, and of uncertainty and danger. When she sings of outlaws and lovers, she sings like she’s lived it and she means it – and she has, and she does.

De Leon co-produced Dangerous Endeavor with John Inmon, who provided most of the backing instrumentation, while De Leon wrote all but three songs – Williams’ “Lonesome Whistle,” Will Dudley’s “Rose of a Different Thorn” and the Van Zandt’s “Freightliner.”

Dangerous Endeavor is De Leon’s fifth release. While she plans to tour extensively in the United Sates this year, she is already lining up shows in Europe where she is already a celebrated artist known for her “cuts-to-the-bone” voice and her insightful, honest songs.
Through the universality of her songs, De Leon’s music bridges all borders – geographical, cultural and emotional.

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Bianca’s Quotes

‘This soulful singer/songwriter has an obvious affection for Tex-Mex and Central American music and for the work of fellow Texans like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, and Jerry Jeff Walker. But it’s not surprising to learn that she has studied classical guitar – or that she decided what to do with her life after hearing Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” …. If such songs are autobiographical, De Leon’s life hasn’t been easy: in any event, she clearly finds comfort in her music, and I suspect you will, too.’ — Steve Wine, AP (Associated Press)

‘Her voice is reminiscent of Maria Muldaur, but Bianca De Leon is the current specialist Tex – Mex ballads. Superb.’ — Roman Decoret, Guitarist Magazine, FR

‘Beautiful haunting songs out of the south Texas borderlands.’ — Tim Boxer, 15 Minutes, US

‘De Leon is a writer and singer of note who has produced an album that works on several levels and is the work of a person who has lived life to get to this place. A place worth getting to.’ — Steven Rapid, Lonesome Highway, US

‘Who ever saw a concert by Bianca undoubtedly know what I mean, this lady has the ability to you, though you’re somewhere in the Netherlands, to look at her and listen, and get the feeling that you are in Texas. This lady writes, I think, quite often from their own experience and that you can hear that this is credible, this sounds lived, this goes right to the heart.‘ — Dani Heyvaert, Rootstime BE

‘I Sang Patsy Cline’ is a story that any singer would give her soul to have been able to write truthfully.’ — R2 Rock N Reel, UK

‘Bianca’s songwriting has matured into a ripe fruit, texture, flesh and juice. You can bite into her songs, tearing the pulp with teeth, with juice running down your chin’ — Robert Earl Hardy, A Deeper Blue, The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt

‘Wistful tales of love and loss and that feeling which forms in the décor of the local cantinas and bars where broken hearts hide somewhere in a dark corner to lick their wounds. Bianca De Leon is not to be underestimated songstress.’ — Door Cis van Looy, Written In Music, NL


Dangerous Endeavor” – US/worldwide release
— #5 EuroAmericana Chart

Love, Guns & Money” – US/worldwide release
– #11 Far Chart, #14 EuroAmericana Chart,
– #7 US Folk Chart, #11 US Roots Music,
– #11 US Contemporary Folk Album,
– #16 Folk Album

Outlaws and Lovers” – EU release.

Live: From Hell to Helsinki” – EI release

The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita” – EU release


Film Short, 2012 – Hemeras Eclipse, by Kathy Swift Albert, starring Mika Abdalla, LeeAn Gomez & Bianca De Leon. The film included Bianca’s song “Buscando Por Ti” used for the credit roll, and for the trailer.

Film – Cut Off (starring Faye Dunaway, Malcolm McDowell, Amanda Brooks, and Ann Archer), and was featured at Cannes Film Festival. The film included Bianca’s song “Six Pack of Misery”.

Video Game – Bianca’s song “High Timin’ Girl” was licensed for the video game “Big Mutha-Truckers 2”.



Interviews in A Deeper Blue: The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt by Robert Earl Hardy

Interview in I’ll be Here in the Morning by Brian T. Atkinson

Book, Wild Ride – unpublished



Here is a page with Bianca’s lyrics from her CD’s

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“Dangerous Endeavor”

CD Cover

Bianca DeLeon - Dangerous Endeavor CD cover






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“Love, Guns & Money”

CD Cover

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5’2” Bianca De Leon survived a way too close encounter with Charlie Manson, assassination by the Colombian cocaine cartel, the California Brotherhood drug mafia, being trapped in Panama City when U.S. Special Forces violently removed Manuel Noreiga, a severe  allergic reaction to penicillin, a bout of Valley Fever, two horrific motorcycle wrecks, solitary confinement in a Houston jail and a mother from hell. Today she lives quietly in Austin, on a half-acre wooded lot, in a one-time shack she rebuilt into a million-dollar plus two-story house she shares with her two 4-legged guardians, a  very large Akita and a coyote she rescued.

WILD RIDE is her survival story, an extraordinary memoir with a powerful message of female empowerment.

Along the way Bianca has recorded five critically acclaimed CDs, the most recent being DANGEROUS ENDEAVOR, a good two-word summation of her life. That life could have ended at fifteen had she not escaped Manson’s clutches just before his murderous rampage.

I sincerely hope you will want to present her story to a wide audience!

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- - John Lomax III

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